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Product Presentations

Ultimate Facial Set Up


The Story of Stuff-play 1st 4 min

11 Terrifying Facts About
Personal Care Products-2 min video
Dr. Amy Myers - Play 1st 4 min in WW
Living Arbonne's Healthy Living Program by
AMQ Beth Mazza and RVP Katie Linden


How Arbonne Works-2 Min Video


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 "We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot."

~Eleanor Roosevelt

How to Get Bookings

    Verbiage for Booking Group Presentations

    Answering Host Objections    

    Answering Machine Verbiage

Host Coaching

   Verbiage for Hostess to Invite to Event 

    Order Host Planner Brochures #2872

    Host Rewards Flyer

Invitations (Edit and use ONLY for follow up-MUST personally invite!)

   Ultimate Facial Invitation Options: One  Two  Three

   Wellness Workshop Invitation Options:  One   Two
 Virtual Links 

     Link for Recorded UF (Lisa V) 

Ultimate Facial

     *NEW Ultimate Facial Script (items needed for UF on page 1)

         -  Read from iphone or Print 2 to a page, cut and staple together

     Guest Instructions & PC Specials (Close Sheet)

         -  Print 10 of each and laminate or put in page protectors, front & back

     Client Wellness Profile & Order Form 

         -   Print 20 and keep in pocket divider or lapboard

      Thank You/Follow-Up Sample Email

      What is Arbonne & What to Avoid Flyer

Wellness Workshop 

    Items Needed for Wellness Workshop

    WW Slides (full presentation) / WW Slides (condensed)

    Wellness Workshop Webinar by RVP Katie Linden

    Client Wellness Profile & Order Form 

           - Print 20 and keep in pocket divider or lapboard
     PC Specials (Close Sheet)

    Foods to Include/Avoid
    What is Arbonne & What to Avoid Flyer
    Protein Powder Comparison / RTD Protein Comparison

    Healthy Living Cheat Sheet
    30 Days to Healthy Living Guide (email to those doing 30 DTHL)
    Wellness/Phytosport Flyer Insert
    Fizz Stick Sample Instructions (print double sided & cut into 1/4s)

Other Misc Documents for UFs and WWs 

      What is Arbonne & What to Avoid Flyer

      Open Date Card

          - Print, complete with your open dates & put on cute clipboard

Prospect/Curiosity Folders 

 *Print 10 each & put in Arbonne folders (Business Aids #2500) with a catalog 

     What is Arbonne & What to Avoid Flyer
     Is Arbonne for You

     Paul Zane Pilzer - A Tale of Two Industries

     Robert Kiyosaki Article  

     Arbonne Industry Report

     Eye on Arbonne Stories

 Additional Documents

      Comp Plan Slide
      Before & After Pictures and RE9 Adv Clinical Results 

          - Print each set, put in page protectors and fasten with metal ring 

      Ultimate Facial Gift Certificate 

      7 Step Facial Gift Certificate (take screen shot & save into an email)

      Answering Objections - Business & Products